As time draws close for The Pink Mimosa to find a home we couldn’t help but wonder about our different options. My husband and I have both agreed that we would like a mini farm. But what f you can’t afford a mini farm, or what if every mini farm you look at is bigger than you can manage , then what? After asking ourselves these  very questions , we sat down and brain stormed. We decided what we wanted to do with the land, how much we would need, location ,and climate. We also wanted to make sure that if one person didn’t like something then they spoke up , and to listen to each others opinion with little judgment or selfishness. This is going to be our first and only home ,so we both have to be happy in order to flourish and be happy. Finally at the drawing board we started with land , we asked each other what was important to have , the must haves , and the extra bonus stuff. With land we decided we wanted at least 5 acres, a well, maybe a vineyard, or fruit orchard , a pond , grazing area, small house or modular home, chicken coops, barn , and animal pens. We also decided we what we would use the land for. We wanted to keep producing Heirloom plants (veggies, fruits, flowers) , continue raising  free range chickens, raise some goats, and be come more self sufficient . We also decided that we would span our search from Texas, to North Carolina , by not further up than Tennessee, warmth being the main factor.

In my preliminary  search for a mini farm it became very apparent that very few existed and the ones that did were sold as mini farm (homesteads ), but ended up being a run down doublewide on 3 acres in Kentucky . Quickly I get frustrated after looking for my mini farm on the internet  ,I have spent hours at night going through Farm classifies, with only one or two options to show for 20,000 listings.  maybe I’m  going about this all wrong , it what I keep thinking . Then last week I had a breakthrough ,what if I made my own mini farm . So with this new approach I will be able to do a lot more than I thought. My new idea is to purchase a piece of land 5 acres with a trailer or run down house. You will find you can find land cheep with a rundown piece of property on it , and a lot of times not only are these properties gems ,but the sellers are eager to sell so you can do really well. So for instance I come up with $50,000. I would look for a piece of property around $10,000 to $20,000 ,but would make sure it has a house , or trailer with water, sewer , and electric. Once I find the property,I purchase it and demo the existing structor . I then use the left over money to buy a mini home for $30,000 to $40,000 (depending) , which they ship ready to go . Put it on my land ,hook up the electric , water,  sewer , and bam new house new mini farm in progress . This is gonna be one heck of a challenge 🙂


About cmostafa

My wife and I have taken to blogging to document our love of heirloom organic gardening. We operate an heirloom seed and plant business online, and are excited to share some of our experiences with others who share a similar interest in organic farming/gardening. If you like, check out our website at pinkmimosaboutique.com.
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