Learn from you growth

Like I stated in a previous post , we were forced to move quite a few times, the stress of this can be overwhelming . Upon moving for the second time , we were in a great financial situation to buy a house, so we decided to talk to or landlord about buying the building we were in. We were in a duplex so we were going to rent one side and live in the other till it was paid off. Our landlord agreed and set a price at $115,000. After getting a down payment of $10,000 and being approved by the bank for $120,000 loan we started the process of buying the property. Boy did we learn a lot !!!!! First we decided to get a broker , the one we picked was very interested in us at first but lost interest  towards the end. The trip he led us on should have landed him in jail . After reviewing all of our paperwork he told us we would be approved this took 4 weeks of sending paperwork back and fourth. He finally sent us a certified note of approval  stating we had been awarded the loan and would be closing in 2 weeks. After not hearing from him for a week , we finally got in touch with him , for him to tell us that we didn’t get the loan and that he sent the letter prematurely , he also asked if we could find a way to prove more income or get a cosigner . We were baffled by this because he had told us we were closing in 2 weeks. Well turns out he lied on our application stating my husband made $2900 instead of $2000 and that he was in the military . We ended up not getting the loan or getting the broker in trouble. We had no idea of our rights or if we could do anything . 3 weeks after all of this happened our landlord went into foreclosure and we were forced to leave the property in 3 days. We even went to the magistrate  on the foreclosure , not only do you have no rights but you have to continue paying rent till you move out or are kicked out. We learned never trust a broker they will lie, cheat , and steal and treat you terrible if you fit a certain income bracket . If you are in a foreclosure you have no rights as a renter and can be kicked out if you don’t pay rent, but also if the foreclosure goes through. We were heartbroken and never thought we could come back but we are slowly but surly . This was one of the most challenging things I’ve been through I had to move 3 dogs, 2 cats , 6 guinea hens, tons of plants, my stuff and a husband in 3 days. We worked day and night and did it.


About cmostafa

My wife and I have taken to blogging to document our love of heirloom organic gardening. We operate an heirloom seed and plant business online, and are excited to share some of our experiences with others who share a similar interest in organic farming/gardening. If you like, check out our website at pinkmimosaboutique.com.
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