New Goal

 As The Pink Mimosa Boutique grows we want to take you on the journey with us . Explaining everything we do and the experiences we will have. We are on the ultimate  journey to go from renting property to owning our own mini farm. We have currently had to move four times in the last year and every move leaves us heartbroken for the amount of effort we put into it . I just can’t stand an ugly yard and i like to grow my own food. often times i forget that I am renting and end up investing much more than I should on a property. With every move we have done we have successfully moved every plant, bulb, chicken ,and all the yard stuff  to keep the garden nice. We have been through two landlords getting foreclosed on and other landlords refusing to fix anything.Currently we are renting in Charleston SC, we haven’t planted anything as of yet because our goal is to be out of this rental by the end of the year. So we would love for you to follow us on this journey to get to our final goal. We will be holding nothing back . We will discuss everything form money , to life on mini farms , and what to takes to succeed . 


About cmostafa

My wife and I have taken to blogging to document our love of heirloom organic gardening. We operate an heirloom seed and plant business online, and are excited to share some of our experiences with others who share a similar interest in organic farming/gardening. If you like, check out our website at
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