Meet the new Baby Guineas

DCIM100GOPROguinea-fowlLast summer 2012 my wife and I found an ad on Craigslist for Guineas for sale in Conway SC. We gave the ad a call and spoke personally with the seller to get the details.  things sounded legit from our conversation so we took the 30 minute drive out to Conway to check the guineas out. The seller lived on a nice chunk of farmland out in the countryside of Conway SC. We picked out three to buy, brought them home and were instructed to wait until they matured to determine the sex and pray we got a breeding pair. In the first week one escaped and we were left with two. Turns out the pair we had left were both boys and we were truly bummed out . Our luck improved and in January of 2013 we found another ad for girl guineas out in Conway from a girl who was preparing to move to Alaska. Turns out she had a whole farm worth of animals  to sell before leaving S.C. We picked out three girls and as a bonus she threw in two Cochin hens.  Between the guineas and Cochins, we get around 5- 10 fresh eggs daily. The guinea eggs are much smaller than regular chicken eggs, however they have a much lower cholesterol count and they taste way better in my opinion. As you can see they are freakin serious about their brooding skills…the one on the right really does look like Paula Dean(:0517131814acochins broodingpaula-deen-riding-things

Flash forward to today and upon inspecting our hen hutch  we were surprised to see  our first batch of baby guinea chicks! We had placed a handful of eggs in the Cochin nest box and they performed the brooding duties. So the experiment was a success on two fronts. One, we wanted to see if the Cochin would actually brood over guinea eggs, and two, we wanted to make sure our boys would mate with the girls and produce fertile eggs. It’s rather unusual that our guineas bred in their first year and it turns out we have two different color varieties.. Success!!!(:  Our goal is to have a flock for sale in 6 to 8 weeks.borat

baby guinea 3 in shell guinea in shell 2baby guinea in hands baby guinea in yard baby guinea on back baby guineaguinea on back 2 Domesticated guineafowl


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My wife and I have taken to blogging to document our love of heirloom organic gardening. We operate an heirloom seed and plant business online, and are excited to share some of our experiences with others who share a similar interest in organic farming/gardening. If you like, check out our website at
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